Is Dental Care Covered Under Medicare?

In fact is, you will need to pay for almost every dental care service you receive. The basic Medicare won’t be paying for any regular dental procedures such as fillings, cleanings, extractions, dentures, etc.


However, according to a section of Social Security Act, 1935 your Medicare policy needs to compensate for services associated with the tooth sockets (alveolar bone) and gum (periodontium) areas. The kind of service offered along with which physical areas are involved would decide if Medicare covers part or all of your expenses. It’s not associated with dental care merits nor to the requirement of the treatment. While this might cause a little confusion, it’s best not to expect to receive any compensation for your routine appointment to the dentist.

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Listed below are a few treatments which might be compensated under Medicare:


  1. Certain surgical treatments for reconstructing a ridge
  2. Wiring a person’s tooth in case its part of the jaw fracture repair.
  3. Hospital stays might be compensated as long as they’re essential for emergency dental treatments, even in the case where a particular dental care isn’t covered.
  4. Dental splints might also be covered as long as they’re part of treating medical issues which are covered, like dislocated jaw joints.
  5. In certain situations, examinations that precede critical surgery like a kidney transplant or heart valve replacement. In this case, the exam will be covered & not the treatment itself since the exam will help identify the risks or infection before the complex operation.
  6. Infections that include tooth extractions might also be covered.
  7. Inpatient hospital services if a dental treatment is serious enough to require the patient staying in the hospital. However, it won’t be paying for the person’s dental care itself.


It won’t matter if you carry out the treatment in the hospital or your dentist’s office. If it is listed under Medicare, it will definitely be covered irrespective of your chosen option.

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Certain dental procedures can be covered via Medicare Supplement plans. Here, you must make sure to discuss it with your carrier beforehand. Many times, specific procedures, such as tooth extraction might be covered however the follow-up or dentures might require you to pay separately.


To conclude, certain dental services could be covered by Medicare if they’re essential for protecting your overall health & well-being. For others, you will often be required to pay the bill out of your own pocket.